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  • Music First Audio

    Music First Audio Reference MM Phono Amplifier

    Designed to be the best MM phono stage with no compromise performance. Used with a SUT for optimum effect. A demo unit is available to audition. Please enquire if you are serious about extracting as much of the information in those vinyl grooves as possible!

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  • Lumin D1 Music Server

    Lumin D1 Music Server

    If you thought music servers and computer audio was hard, think again! The Lumin D1 simply connects to your home network and or NAS drive and will read all your stored music using the i-pad app, it can stream internet radio and handle hi resolution music including DSD.


  • Melco N1A HDD Music Library

    Melco N1A HDD Music Library

    Stores 1000's of music files and can be used directly with a DAC to play music via your ipad or tablet.

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  • DC Blocker

    MCRU Ultimate In Line DC Blocker

    Now In Stock


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  • IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis

    IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis

    In Stock For Home Trial

    Mains regenerator and power conditioner in one. A unique solution for cleaning the mains supply and providing the best possible power solution for your equipment.


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  • Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Bars

    Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Bars

    Free Your Loudspeakers

    The hidden secret of the hi-fi industry, your floorstanding loudspeakers will thank you for it!

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  • Synergistic Research RED Reference Mains Fuse 13 Amp

    13 AMP

    SR's new UK mains plug fuse.
    Is it possibly the best fuse on the market,
    YES! This is the 25mm version for
    use inside a UK mains plug.

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