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WIth many audiophiles using computers to play their music MCRU have embraced this technology and have a full range of PC Audio components to satisfy audiophiles. From complete novices upwards we have the knowledge and expertise in computer audio to guide you through the maze and help you choose the right equipment for you hifi system.

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  • Music Servers
    The MCRU music server is an award winning design which will help you to get the most from playing music via a pc. It has been designed for optimum sound quality and convenience.
  • DAC's
    Now considered an essential part of the music chain for computer audiophiles, MCRU consider our range of DAC's to be the finest available regardless of cost.
  • USB Cables
    MCRU stock only the best USB cables, from the multi award winning Furutech range to the cost no object Tellurium Q graphite, we have a USB cable to suit all pockets and all applications.
  • Ethernet Cables
    Essential for optimum sound quality, out audiophile ethernet cables have won awards from Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi Critic magazines and according to customer feedbacks are amongst the best available.
  • Portable Audio
    Taking music with you wherever you are is now more popular than ever, MCRU have a range of quality headphone amplifiers, headphones and ancillaries to help you get the best out of your portable music.
  • Portable Device Cables
    MCRU offer a range of audiophile quality cables for connecting your portable audio device to a headphone amplifier, DAC or music system. If it's an i-phone, i-pod or i-pad as well as android we cater for every requirement and only sell the best.
  • SACD's | XRCD's

    The silver disc is far from dead, MCRU use an OPPO Audiocom modified disc player and SACD's | XRCD's played on this give a realism that is hard to believe. 

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Showing 1 - 9 of 67 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 67 items