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All the MCRU range of power supplies do one thing very well. Improve the sound quality of anything connected to them. Proven by 100's of existing satisfied customers. If your equipment is powered by DC voltage then we have a power supply to suit.

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  • DAC Power Supplies
    If your DAC is powered by a DC wall-wart plug, then using our regulated linear power supply will improve the sound quality considerably; a claim backed up by much customer feedback.
  • Squeezebox Power Supplies
    An audiophile-quality regulated linear power supply to fit the Logitech Squeezebox Touch and Duet. Huge gains in sound quality have been reported by many happy customers.
  • NAS-Drive Power Supplies
    If your media is stored on a NAS-drive that is powered by a DC wall-wart plug, then upgrading the power supply can bring major sound quality improvements. We can build a linear power supply for any NAS-drive.
  • Turntable Power Supplies
    We build power supplies for the popular Technics SL series of turntables, which can be mounted either inside or outside the deck. We also build AC power supplies incorporating powerful filtering for the Technics SP10 and Garrard 301/401 decks.
  • Linear Power Supply...
    With hundreds of pieces of hi-fi equipment being powered by DC, and in particular nasty wall-wart switch mode plugs, Mains Cables R Us has compiled a growing list of equipment that we build power supplies for. The important message is: ‘ditch the switch’ and use one of our fully-regulated linear power supplies for immediate sound quality improvements - or your money back.
  • Wireless Router PSU's
    Most wireless routers like the virgin media superhub are powered by smps (switch mode power supplies) which are known to inject interference into the mains system. Replacing these with a fully regulated linear power supply will help to improve sound quality from your hi-fi if you use the router to connect your system through.
  • Custom Built Power...
    Besides the 100's of power supply's we have built for customers all around the world (in conjunction with Longdog Audio) we also offer a custom power supply service. If you require a power supply designing for your equipment please consult us now.
  • Streamer Power Supply's

    If you own a wireless streamer or node that is powered by a wall wart brick (switch mode power supply) help is at hand! Our power supplies are not cheap but the sonic benefits far outweigh the price.

  • Music Server Power...

    If you own a Music Server powered by a laptop type power brick sonic improvements will result by fitting our fully regulated power supply. A Music Server usually requires 12V DC input up to 12 AMPS of current so a linear power supply is costly to produce but worth the financial outlay once its heard.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 74 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 74 items

Power Supplies

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