Hi-Fi Equipment


Hi-Fi Equipment

Mains Cables R Us are proud to stock the Canor range of valve equipment that includes 2 amplifiers, 2 CD players, 3 phono stages and a valve headphone amplifier. Please call to arrange a demonstration at our premises, or in your own home.

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  • Canor Hi-Fi
    Canor manufactures a small range of hi-fi equipment, with all models sharing one thing in common: the best quality valves possible combined with craftsmanship like no other. To hear them is to want them.
  • DACs & Headphone...
    If you listen to music through headphones, these amplifiers will transport you to a musical place so satisfying you will think you have gone to heaven.
  • Loudspeakers
    Mains Cables R Us can provide a range of bespoke loudspeaker designs that are built in the UK. Without the normal dealer margins, advertising and importation costs, these loudspeakers will give you more sound for your pound.
  • Amplifiers
    Made to order in the UK, this small range of valve amplifiers uses 300b technology and fully-regulated power supplies. A choice of wooden plinth styles to match your décor makes this a unique product in every sense.
  • Headphones
    Employing planar magnetic technology and utilising dynamic drivers, HiFiMan headphones have been garnering much acclaim and are now in stock at Mains Cables R Us.
  • MCRU Music Server
    The MCRU music server is a one stop solution for storage and playback of digital music stored on a HDD or NAS. The server is built to individual specifications and is a true audiophile product.
  • Headphone Stands
    A range of real wood headphone stands custom built in the UK. All models named for ease of identification.
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Showing 1 - 10 of 42 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 42 items