The Audio Asylum Mains Power Cord MKII

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Offering superb value for money, this cable not only provides sonic balance but also excellent instrumental separation, Paul Rigby, Hi Fi World.

Awarded the maximum 5 globes in Hi-Fi World, read the review here. The asylum power lead is 1 metre long as standard.

The MKII version is now available, improvements based on our own listening tests. NEW MCRU audio grade silver plated copper IEC connector with improved cable clamping system, internal MCRU bespoke filtering in the mains plug and IEC and a specially sourced german made filter on the cable itself to stop RFI.

Based loosely on the Bob Crump Audio Asylum Power Cord, this is a one metre mains lead made with belden 19364 audiophile cable fitted with a MCRU ref. silver plated iEC and MK 655 Toughplug.

Belden 19364 cable has been famous in audio circles for over 20 years, sadly the originator of the Asylum Power Cord, Bob Crump passed away in 2005 but his legend lives on, see here for details of the power cord.

As the lead is intended for UK audiophiles there is only one plug worthy of consideration, the MK Toughplug, silver plated in the UK for optimum performance on both music and movies. Our plating company have been in business for over 50 years, they are experts in this field.
There is no better performing mains power lead unless spending a lot more, you will see and hear the difference this cable can make to your hi-fi and AV equipment, buy and enjoy, below is a comment received by a customer using these cables on his hi-fi system:-

The house doesn't know what hit it...!! Well let me tell you what... I do have a very good sounding well matched system anyway. But I have definitely improved the tightness of bass and also improved the separation of sound when lots of instruments are involved and the sound is full. So I am very pleased indeed. And your cables are very smart indeed - very professionally put together. There's a few years experience there!!! Unfortunately I have taken them off for now... the wife will be insistent as they are for Christmas! I won't tell her I rocked the house earlier!


By on 31 Aug. 2016 :

Title : An Excellent Cable
Comment : My first impression ……. velvet. Delectable, dark, Michelin Star velvet. I noticed that, without moving them, the speakers seemed further apart. Now I have a wider, deeper stereo image. The bass is broader, richer and more enhanced. Better definition and clarity in the mid-range, too, especially in places where you hadn’t noticed any congestion before. And the highs, ah!, the highs …… ? well, they just float away into nothing. Any investment in Hi-Res music will be repaid a thousand fold. 196/24bit really, really opens up the whole soundstage as do modern CDs or downloads. Last century’s CDs will also sound fresher and you’ll notice things that you hadn’t heard before. Remember, an expensive mains cable won’t make poor quality music sound better. Those digitally reMastered albums might sound worse! Acoustic guitars and crash cymbals, can really, really ‘glare’, while your original copy is fine! Better than fine. Save your money and spend it on this cable instead. Any drawbacks are minor compared to the way your hi-fi becomes High Fidelity. A very sexy, sleek and malleable cable. Almost a pity to hide it away.
(The Audio Asylum Mains Power Cord MKII)

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By on 25 Feb. 2016 :

Title : Really Impressed
Comment : I have a pair of standmount speakers-kef R300, driven very nicely by my new Nytech pre/power amp combo. On occasion I felt the sound is slightly light weight, needing perhaps a sub woofer to underpin this, Been considering a Rel s3 or similar. In the interim, and as a bit of a gamble- I bid for a mains cable on eBay (a russ andrews thing)- it was only £25 so worth a punt. This made my naim doc sound much better, surprisingly so. Hence I looked at other Mains cables for the system, Invested in 2x of these MRCU cables, plugged into the pre and power amp. Frankly I am so impressed with this. I get more of the micro details in the high frequency range, all those subtle details I had not really noticed before. Also, its fuller and rounder now at the bottom end. I really don't think a Sub is such an issue for me now. I was so sceptical about this whole mains cable issue, but have good experience with changing out speaker and interconnect cables. Now I can say the mains cables can provide a huge influence on the system, as much as changing any other sort of cable. Yes no BS- really its true. its a heck of a cost effective upgrade here, and I'd recommend it to anyone with a half decent system. Thanks to David for prompt making of these and delivery, with good comms and all that. When funds allow, I'll be ordering another two of these- they are great. I wonder if I plugged one into the kettle it would make a nicer cuppa ?
(The Audio Asylum Mains Power Cord MKII)

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By on 25 June 2015 :

Title : A very capable cable
Comment : For the money excellent. Well built. Solid sound. Would recommend.
(The Audio Asylum Mains Power Cord MKII)

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