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Mains Cables R Us Ref. Silver Mains Plug


Silver Plated & Hand Polished UK Mains Plug with silver plated fuse.

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After years of trialling many UK mains plugs for audiophile use, we have finally found one that does 95% of what is needed for audiophile applications. A new design of mains plug, with improved casing for extra grip and fuller contact within the mains wall socket, reversible cord grip for wider cable diameters up to 10mm. The silver plating has been improved and the quality is now amongst the best available at any price, silver is the best electrical conductor of all known metals, closely followed by copper. A pure silver mains plugs is not practicle because silver is too soft but a silver plated mains plug will give near the performance at a fraction of the cost. The nearest equivalent to our new plug is the MK Toughplug but this has a slight problem because the cord grips do not accept larger diameter cables without cutting them which can damage delicate cables. Our new plug has a screwn down reversible cord grip so no damage will take place gauranteed.

Top Performance can be assured from this premium UK mains plug. All contact surfaces including the fuse and holder have been silver plated. The plugs require no modification to accept thick wires. Silver plating improves conductivity. A vast improvement over standard brass plugs.


By on 04 Sept. 2014 :

Title : Fits Supra LoRad 2.5
Comment : I have never been happy with (the excellent) MK Toughplug on Supra LoRad 2.5mm, its a tight fit & does not dress nicely. This plug - despite the spec saying up to 10mm cable - fits 11mm Supra LoRad 2.5mm; their is room enough to dress the LN&E correctly, the clamp is the right size & the shaped half rounds of the plug base & cover snug fits around the cable perfectly.
(Mains Cables R Us Ref. Silver Mains Plug )

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By on 27 Aug. 2014 :

Title : Excellent
Comment : Looked for ages at idea of new mains cable for amp; lots of research about mains plugs; lots to consider. This 1 is such good value & has all the features I found would be necessary...sliver contacts; Deoxit contacts etc and larger cable opening & a Toughplug brand too. Made up a 9.7mm shielded cable with this plug...very impressed with quality; copes easily with thicker mains cables, silver fuse & screws for cables too! Using on amp and wow! What a difference it has made! AND it is getting better with time too. I recommend you replace mains cable on amp using this plug too as it is an excellent upgrade...tighter clearer sound, bass & power improved! After testing & research, definitely plug into mains socket on wall NOT a mains conditioner/surge protection block though as it constricts sound!
(Mains Cables R Us Ref. Silver Mains Plug )

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By on 27 Aug. 2014 :

Title : Mr Fred Wood
Comment : A good value for money product. I am using mine with 1 metre of Abbey Road mains cable and a wattgate IEC plug it is therefore difficult to know what is doing what, certainly nothing has been removed from the sound and if anything the whole ensemble has enhanced the sound.
(Mains Cables R Us Ref. Silver Mains Plug )

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