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I am proud to announce that the respected audio and music journal HiFi Critic have awarded the Meicord Ethernet Cables the top accolade in their annual awards, HiFi Critic Audio Excellence.

Available from 0.25 metres up to 20 metres, Martin Colloms said about the cables "no one needed to strain their ears to hear what benefit the cable brought. It delivered unmistakable improvements in clarity, image depth, all round definition and dynamics". 


5 STAR REVIEW IN HI-FI CHOICE, click here to readHi there David.

For your info, I received the Meicord cables today and a few hours ago replaced the Chord C-streams with them. They are noticeably superior to the Chords. When streaming music from my Qnap NAS/Netgear buffer switch via the Chords, the sound from my Naim NAC172 is very good, but slightly ‘veiled’ when compared to streaming direct from my Toshiba usb drive. With the Meicords, the NAS sounds at least as good as the usb drive.

Quite a result, then, particularly at their price point and ‘fresh from the box’! Based upon this experience, I am not surprised that no-one has returned any.

All best. Professor David Deeks

Here is another review and technical paper about the new MeiCord Opal Ethernet Cables.

Hi Fi Critic have also reviewed the Meicord Opals, Martin Colloms said about the cables "no one needed to strain thier ears to hear what benefit the cable brought. It delivered unmistakable improvements in clarity, image depth, all round definition and dynamics".

If you are running a NAS-based music server, opinions are divided as to whether the sound quality is better using wireless or wired connection between your router and hard-drive. The main problem with a wireless signal transmission is ‘drop-outs’, where you listen to your favourite track and the music stops unexpectedly, which is very frustrating and annoying. With a wired connection this will never happen.

We sell MeiCord network/ethernet/patch cables as they are renowned for providing a high-quality signal transfer. You may well be sceptical at the idea of a so-called ‘audiophile-grade ethernet cable’, but it is quite a special wire. Once you have listened to it and heard the quality it provides, you too will be converted.

Below are some reactions from customers who have been won over by the MeiCord Opal Ethernet cable. Please also see the comments posted by our own customers on the page underneath.

“The sound differences were surprisingly clear. In fact, the dark blue MeiCord unshielded cable still played a good bit more natural, more homogeneous and more spatial reference as the cable from XXX, and more breath in men's voices .... promised, you can hear even with the first note.”  M. Heine,Frankfurt

“My combo of Squeezebox and Musical Fidelity V-DAC makes it more fun than my much acclaimed Marantz CD player. And with MP3s ... you have a winner. The Opal works as promised, you can hear even with the first note! Larger stage (all one step back), juicier bass, nice highs (most important for me). F. Harbeck, Hamburg.

“I run the cable to connect an SACD drive with a separate DAC… the spatial representation seems to be more realistic. My impression of the middle and high frequencies: altogether quite an audible improvement in the sense of a natural, live-like playback.

This is a very high-quality hi-fi cable. This shows then clearly the superiority of the audiophile hi-fi cable, particularly with regard to tone.

“What can I say; I’m (nearly) speechless. That a LAN-cable can create such an enhancement of sound is really astonishing. The improvements are in evidence in all areas, but especially with voices (more natural). Auditory spaciousness and resolution / separation of instruments are revealed. As a last link the MeiCord Opal is a ‘must-have’ for perfect sound and absolutely recommendable. Thank you very much.”  J. Nachbaur,Feldkirch,Austria

for further use find below an article from the German magazine “Hörerlebnis”, issue 80:

…In this context I’d like to briefly broach the subject of LAN-cables. Before the IT-technicians among you now faint: slow down!

If you know my articles in “Hörerlebnis”, you will surely agree that I am no cable fetishist. But the positive experience that I made with a certain cable in a completely different context (top-quality Japanese SACD-drive modifier combination), made me repeat this attempt in this original application. …


And behold: Once more I detected a touch more background silence than with standard cables. Therefore, and because this producer is miles away from being one of the meanwhile common cable cutthroats, I want to make a recommendation: MeiCord opal, ready-made manually in Germany. Even the 5 meters model costs less than 100 euros...“  HÖRERLEBNIS, issue 80

…and some other reviews:

„you absolutely have to try it …“

Now that the new streamers have managed to outrun the CD-players in terms of high-end, it becomes apparent that in the new digital world old high-end knowledge still applies.

I was able to reach the best results with the Linn KLIMAX and the MeiCord-cables. Musicality, range, stage profundity and particularly the silky sound were astonishing. (I had always thought that network cables all sound identically as only zeroes and ones are transferred …) I was even more amazed now that I use the Devialet. Devialet applies the Wifi-concept, which avoids jitters and transfers data without interference. That works excellently.

Nevertheless, one evening I got the idea to connect the MeiCord-cable to my MacBook, switch off Wifi and connect it with the router (so the Wifi connection between router and Devialet still persists).

What happened then was unbelievable! A “fundamental more” of so-called “analog sound” was the result. The musicality rose dramatically. Voices were transmitted in an absolutely natural way without losing dynamics, range or plasticity.

It is directly determinable and can be easily switched at the laptop. After turning on the device I can hear at once whether I enjoy the music Wifi or with MeiCord.

I can recommend the MeiCord-cables without hesitation and advise every high-end user, who works with streaming, to at least try these cables once. You cannot lose anything – but win a lot :-)

Greetings to Mr. Müller who encouraged me to try it!

O. Kegel, München


The MeiCord cables sound fantastic – especially considering the price. I compared them to several cables of other manufacturers, which sometimes were three times as expensive as the MeiCord cable: Only one of these cables came near the performance of the MeiCord cable. The MeiCord cables offer a magnificent sound pattern, a special stereoscopic acoustical imaging and sound very natural. Regarding the sound quality, investing in these cables was a wise idea.

Customer wishes to remain anonymous



By Kenneth S. :

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By on 27 Jan. 2016 :

Title : Highly Recommended
Comment : I bought these two Meicord's (4m & 0,5m) simply because I had a RJ45 plug clips break with my Cat-7 & needed something that was more robust. I had read good things about Meicord that appealed to my electrical engineering mind. They have a different sound in my system & as a cable sceptic I was surprised. Its more open than with my previous cables, a touch richer & a better sense of clarity & definition & with space in a more open sound stage.
(MeiCord Ethernet Cables )

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By on 29 Oct. 2014 :

Title : Prof David D
Comment : I run a Naim NAC172XS / Qnap NAS / Netgear buffer switch set-up, supplied by my dealer with Chord C-stream ethernet cables. Whilst the sound quality is very good when streaming music from the NAS via the Chords, it is ultimately slightly ‘veiled’ when compared to feeding the Naim via its front usb port from usb memory sticks or my Toshiba portable drive. Seeing great reviews for the Meicords and bearing in mind MCRU's refund guarantee, I decided to give them a try. From the installation instructions I was a bit concerned to note that my setup would require tighter cable run radiuses than the specified minimum - i.e. approx 20cm rather than the recommended 40cm. Despite this, in my system the improvement in sound quality straight from the box was obvious with the Meicords - and my impression is that they have further improved with use. The Meicords reveal detail that simply isn't there with the Chords, with the NAS now sounding at least as good as usb devices. Quite a result, then, particularly as the price point of both cables is roughly the same. I understand that no-one has so far returned any. Based upon my experience I can understand why.
(MeiCord Ethernet Cables )

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