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The full Supra range is available from Mains Cables R Us including the award winning mains cable Lo-Rad, contact us now for Supra cables.

Supra is the brand name of Jenving Technology - a Swedish company founded over 30 years ago by a young former Ericsson engineer called Tommy Jenving...

Since then, many new and innovative products have been designed and manufactured by Jenving, including:

* Classic 4mm speaker cable - one of the very first dedicated audio cables designed solely for use as a loudspeaker cable - most people used lighting flex before this.....!
* Ply - low inductance speaker cables
* Swift - an easy to use XLR connector
* Rondo - a bi-wire speaker cable
* LoRad - a flexible, shielded mains cable
* Sword - a zero inductance speaker cable

Supra products are distributed around the world and across all fields where cables are required - in domestic, marine, automotive, industrial, medical and military sectors.

Indeed, Supra products are in use in many places outside the typical "home" environment, such as in hospitals, theme parks, trucks and aeroplanes.

Your best choice of multiple BEST BUY and EDITORS CHOICE award-winning cables including: hi-fi and home cinema cables and accessories, including:
HF100 HDMI and DVI cables, AV3 component video, FS scart cables, LoRad mains cables, Classic, Rondo and Ply speaker cables
Latest New Products: The fantastic Sword speaker cables and Sword-ISL interconnect cables

FACT: Supra have been designing and manufacturing their own cables in Sweden for over 30 years.
FACT: Supra is a HDMI-adopter company and the HF100 HDMI & DVI digital video cable is fully approved and certified by HDMI.ORG to run at up to 1080p resolution even over a 12 metre length
FACT: We're very glad you have taken the time to visit our website. Step inside to find out more about Supra products, including:

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items