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MCRU are no strangers to vinyl: for over 25 years a turntable has resided in our reference system. There is so much information resting in those vinyl grooves and we want to help you retrieve as much of it as possible. We stock turntables by Clearaudio + Funk Firm as well as record cleaning machines and 100's of vinyl related accessories.

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  • Vinyl LP's

    MCRU stock the Clearaudio range of 180g audiophile pressings as well as vinyl releases from the Mobile Fidelity Label, most are audiophile quality pressings and all are brand new and sealed. You can download a complete Clearaudio price list using the link You will need to copy and paste the above link into your browser.

  • Tone-Arm Cables
    The tone-arm cable is an integral link in the vinyl replay chain. Too often poor cable and connectors are provided with the new tone-arm, compromising replay quality. We only stock tone-arm cables that we have heard and used ourselves. These cables, from Furutech and Oyaide, are engineered to out-perform competing products; and we have yet to hear anything better. The Mains Cables R Us reference Technics SL1210 uses an SME 309 tone-arm with Oyaide PA-2075 tone-arm cable. A wonderful sounding cable at any price.
  • Turntable Mats &...

    Vinyl is dead, long live vinyl! The basic principles of turntable construction have remained roughly the same since the arrival of the Garrard 301 and 401 in the 1960s. Idler-drive, belt-drive or direct-drive, all have a place in the modern hi-fi system: but what has changed fundamentally is the turntable mat. From a simple piece of commercial rubber or felt on the earliest decks we now have the latest innovation, the Oyaide MJ-12. Manufactured from Aluminium, to own it is to love it; a stunning piece of audiophile engineering. And partnered with the complementary STB-MS weight, the results are even more impressive.

  • Record Cleaning Machines

    To truly hear what is hidden deep inside a record's grooves, a RCM is an absolute must. Currently, we stock MOTH and Clearaudio record cleaning machines, the Moth is the perfect level entry way to clean your vinyl mechanically, the Clearaudio is superior to the Moth.  

  • Tone-Arms & Headshells
    We stock what we consider are some of the best tone-arm accessories available - from Oyaide, ISOkinetik and Jelco. If you have a particular requirement not listed on our website, please get in touch. The humble tone-arm plays such an important part in turntable performance, it pays to invest in the best you can afford. System matching is essential as the synergy between arm, cartridge and stylus has to be exactly right for your turntable to sound at its best.
  • Phono Stages
    A phono stage is essential to amplify the tiny signals transmitted by modern cartridges. We stock models from Furutech, Canor, Longdog and Blue Horizon because of their outstanding performances in relation to cost.
  • Vinyl Essentials
    A range of accessories for all vinyl lovers, including record cleaning fluid, record sleeves, brushes and much more.
  • Record Care Services
    A range of services we offer to help you care for your vinyl collection. Includes a flattening service using the Furutech LP flattener, a cleaning service using a Glass Audio professional record cleaning machine that cleans both sides of the LP at the same time, and finally a de-magnetising service. Your album collection will give you even more pleasure if you take advantage of these highly beneficial and cost-effective services.
  • Record Inner Sleeves
    A small range of anti-static LP inner sleeves, essential for keeping your vinyl in tip-top condition. We only stock what we feel are the best available, high-quality items from VRP and Mobile Fidelity.
  • Record Cleaning Brushes
    Keep the dust and debris off your treasured vinyl with our selected range of record cleaning brushes. We only stock the most effective designs at any price-point; so you can be assured that no matter what your budget is, you will be providing your collection with the best possible care.
  • Record Cleaning Fluids
    A range of fluids that provide effective cleaning of vinyl records, and can also to used in record cleaning machines.
  • Turntable Isolation Feet
    A range of feet to fit underneath turntables such as the Technics SL series and Rega.
  • Cartridges
    MCRU are authorized dealers for Benz Micro, Nagaoka and Goldring cartridges.
  • Technics SL1200...
    Here you will find everything you need to up-grade your Technics SL series turntable, from feet to tone-arms, from platters to bearings, we have had a Technics SL1200 in our system for nearly 20 years. There are so many ways to improve the sound quality of your Technics turntable, having used one ourselves for a long time we can advise you on the best up-grade path. We can even carry out the work for you. We can arrange collection of your Techy, carry out any up-grades you require, test it and return the deck by UPS couriers.
  • Turntables
    MCRU stock a range of turntables from clearaudio and have demo models for listening in our demo rooms.
  • Record Storage

    MCRU have a range of wooden storage systems to house your vinyl collection from Zomo.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 222 items

Vinyl Essentials

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