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ISOkinetik are a UK-based company supplying a vast array of turntable and vinyl tuning accessories; the range of products is enormous.

"At ISOkinetik we combine decades of experience in the audiophile and sound engineering industry
We are dedicated to developing enhancements and upgrades to existing quality Hi Fi product and introducing new theories and product built on our exhaustive research

ISOkinetik mantra is simple  "if it sounds better it IS better!"

Through carefully considered materials choices, coupled with strict adherence to mechanical, electrical and acoustic engineering principles, our products are designed to maintain the absolute integrity of the original music signal. This approach allows for the greatest appreciation of the fine recordings, fully capturing the nuance and raw emotion of the original musical event, no matter how simple or demanding. We strive to ensure our designs are inherently, tonally natural."

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items