We stock a plethora of hi-fi accessories and tweaks, from equipment supports to loudspeaker spikes. If you require anything not listed on our website, please get in touch to see if we can help.

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  • Equipment Supports
    What your equipment rests on can be of paramount importance when trying to get the last ounce of detail from your system. Many of the items we sell are used in our own reference system; all will provide reproduction enhancements, and some can provide quite extraordinary results for a modest outlay.
  • Cleaning & More...
    Essential cleaning and maintenance products galore.
  • Cable Burn-In Service
    99% of signal cables (be they speaker, interconnect, tone-arm or digital) don’t sound their best when new. Our cable burn-in service can do in 7 days what it may take many months to achieve through traditional methods.
  • Streaming Accessories
    From a simple digital cable to connect your streamer to your DAC, to a sophisticated external power supply for your Squeezbox or DAC, we can help you.
  • Hi-Fi Racks & Stands

    MCRU stock the Creaktiv range of audiophile stands manufactured in Germany. Their stands are superbly designed and provide excellent performance, as industry reviews confirm. We have them on permanent demonstration in our listening rooms in Huddersfield. We also carry the ONKK ISOO rack which is a new UK designed and manufactured stand.

  • Award Winners
    A category dedicated to all the award winning products that we sell. All have been reviewed in the major hi-fi magazines and have received either 'recommended' or 'best buy' awards.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 85 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 85 items


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