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Made in the UK, Deflex Audio manufactures a small range of cost-effective isolation supports.

Deflex Audio Products


Advanced Polymer vibration isolation and damping solutions for the audio and Hi Fi industries

Deflex Isolation material is a unique thermoset, polyether based polyurethane, the material is visco-elastic meaning it has the properties of both viscous and elastic material. the material exhibits superior damping coefficient to most polymer rubber, foam, or fluids.

Deflex isolation material is perfect for Hi Fi and Pro audio as it exhibits excellent shock absorption, vibration damping, vibration isolation making it a first class acoustic absorber and damper.

Deflex isolation products are used as standalone vibration solutions in the form of Foculpods, Polipods, which are used under Turntables, CD/DVD Player, phono stages, amplifiers and speakers . Also used as OEM materials in many proprietary  Hi Fi products as isolation feet in turntables, amplifiers, speaker panels, isolation platforms and in car entertainment systems by many highly respected manufacturers  

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items