Furutech FP-TCS21 Mains Power Cable per Metre

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  • Triple C Furukawa Copper
  • Cryogenically treated
  • 14 AWG conductors

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MCRU have available the very latest technology in mains power cable from Furutech of Japan. Sold per metre for DIY. Supplied in one continual length so if you purchase qty 5 you will receive a 5 metre length.

Alpha Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction

Furutech’s α (Alpha) PC-Triple C is one of a select few of conductors that Furutech engineers have found to excel in sound reproduction. α (Alpha) PC-Triple C is made with Furukawa high-purity oxygen-free copper using a special forging process. Unlike regular OFC (oxygen-free copper), almost all of the impurities of this high-purity OFC have been removed at the micron level through a special casting process unique to Furukawa.

Purposely designed and developed for audio signal conductors, α (Alpha) PC-Triple C is flexible, strong and can be drawn into a very fine wire. This new conductor, while not single-crystal like PCOCC, features crystal grain boundaries that are almost totally free of impurities which allows even the smallest of signals to be transmitted. While PCOCC is a single-crystal conductor, it is susceptible to imperfections during production. Since α (Alpha) PC-Triple C employs a fixed angle continuous transport forging process, pressure is applied to the high-purity oxygen-free copper tens of thousands times. This ensures that any crystal grain boundaries that were present in a vertical direction become longitudinal, and the crystals become connected and uniform in their direction. This process also helps to remove the imperfections that are often found in PCOCC, which create a more conductive and acoustic conductor.

The resulting conductor has an extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability, a musical, attractive, “round” midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus power and dynamics to spare to set your music on fire!

Alpha PC Triple C conductor: diameter 1.9mm (14 AWG)
- Insulation: Special grade Flexible PVC (Brown, Light Blue, Green/Yellow) diameter 3.5mm
- Inner Sheath: Special grade Flexible PVC (Black) diameter 9.2mm
- Shield: 0.12mm OFC Wire Braid
- Outer Sheath: Flexible PVC (Dark Green) diameter 12.8mm

1. Purity > 99.996% 
2. Conductivity (EC)≒101.5 IACS%
3. Tensile strength (TS) ≒250 MPa 
4. Elasticity (E) ≒35% Wire (1.3mmΦ)



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By (Bradford, United Kingdom) on  18 Nov. 2016 (Furutech FP-TCS21 Mains Power Cable per Metre) :

Unexpectedly good sound for far less than high-zoot mains cables

I bought this mains cable as an experiment for my preamp, as I did not expect a huge result and was prepared to lose the £55 investment. I attached to the simple Kaiser Silver Plated IEC, which required me to remove the cable clamp and file down the inner cable fixing with a dremel abrasive drum in order to fit the fat cable in.

It took a LONG time to burn in and sound right. After nearly 200 hours on a space heater, I attached it to my preamp and heard and significant increase in space, staging, dimensionality, and an increase in bass depth and control, and slightly more texture. Yet there was something still a bit odd in the vocal range and in the leading edges of piano, strings, and cymbals. They were a bit veiled and blunted. Strange, since I usually associate that part of the spectrum with space, staging, and dimension. I left music playing on the preamp for another 70 hours, and then came back to the room. The vocals, piano, strings, etc. Had resolved leaving with a sound improvement that was appreciably more than I would have thought likely from a £55 metre of mains cable and a £6.50 IEC. But I’m pretty happy! Nicely detailed, with sparkle where realistic, and yet open and musical and somehow smooth. (The other end of the mains cable is hardwired into a hydra distribution box).

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By (Manchester, United Kingdom) on  11 Nov. 2016 (Furutech FP-TCS21 Mains Power Cable per Metre) :

Furutech FP-TCS21 Mains Cable

Have tried a few different mains cables through the years including various Siltechs up to Ruby Hill II and the top of the range Vertex AQ and have to say the FP-TCS21 with decent connectors is at least in the same league which represents amazing value for money imho! Definitely worth a try.

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By (Herlev, Denmark) on  11 Nov. 2016 (Furutech FP-TCS21 Mains Power Cable per Metre) :

Resonale price - fine performance - a way to get rid of today´s "cold" digital sound

Not so restricted as it´s big brother FP-TCS31, has a more open, warm harmonic balanced sound, equaly degree of detail but a much better manage of the bass and low midrange.

Recommendable for a light- or digital sounding system.

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