Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses SR20

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MCRU now stock a specially commisioned fuse made for the UK market, the synergistic research quantum fuses have already taken the hifi industry by storm. Now there is a 25mm version to fit UK mains plugs. Auditioned by many of the leading names in reviewing all around the world, the fuses are being known as "game changers".

Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses employ a custom alloy treated with 2,000,000 volts of electricity! SR Quantum Fuses significantly outperform all other high-end fuses on the market and are guaranteed to deliver a noticeable increase in sound staging, resolution and air thanks to a lower noise floor and blacker backgrounds. SR Quantum Fuses are available with a 30-day no risk money back guarantee so you can directly compare them to other high-end fuses on the market including Hi Fi Tuning Supreme, Furutech, and Audio Magic. With over 60 values to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect value for your system’s components.

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By (Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom) on  11 Nov. 2016 (Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses SR20) :

Keith H.

I have bought several products from MCRU and each has added quality to my HiFi and AV systems. I never thought I would spend £40 on a fuse, but David explained that he offers a 30 day money back guarantee and has never had a Synergistic Research Quantum fuse returned. I have a science research background and was convinced a fuse cannot make a difference to sound quality. I fitted the first of these fuses to my DAC and amplifier. Immediately I noticed a broader soundstage and clarity. I ordered a further fuse and fitted it to my AV receiver. The change was a massive improvement in sound, much more so than the HiFi. Perhaps it is because the HiFi is high end with less room for improvement.
Hence the Synergistic Research fuses improve sound quality across the board, but it seems some systems are improved more than others. I cannot even begin to explain why these fuses make such a difference, they just do. I am going to order a couple more and am now completely addicted.
Give them a go, safe in the knowledge of a 30 day guarantee. I must be impressed, this is the first review I have ever bothered writing for anything!

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By (Bristol, United Kingdom) on  11 Nov. 2016 (Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses SR20) :

A step closer to real music

I'd already upgraded my mains leads and added a balanced power supply. When I upgraded six fuses to the SR20 - the plug from wall socket to bps, from bps into Tacima 6-gang conditioner & RFI filter, Heed CD transport, DAC, integrated amp and outboard PSU, the improvement was immediate, easily discernible on any CD, and I was going through my collection again.

Pitch resolution throughout the frequency range improved, making it easier to follow the notes played on each instrument. There was more resolution on complex passages, and nicely-recorded acoustic instruments became even more open. Bass was firmer and more tuneful; and the effect on cymbals was a little like a tape head had been cleaned. Transients were crisper, yet reverb was more audible, and I could hear low-level detail that I had missed before. On quiet passages on Seventies albums such as Van Der Graaf Generator's Godbluff, the mains hum and tape hiss on the recording was more evident, but outweighed by the improvements to the music. In summary, the changes were all for the better, taking me closer to the live performance, and probably on a scale nearer to upgrading all mains leads rather than any one of them.

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By (London, United Kingdom) on  11 Nov. 2016 (Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses SR20) :

Doug McEwen

I'd previously used AMR fuses and they are well worth the expense but following an accident when I managed to blow a couple I read around the net and these ones seemed to be causing quite a stir. As much as the AMRs were a significant improvement over ordinary fuses these were a large improvement over them. Basically there was more of everything but the one area that stood out for me was the bass. The sound stage was much more precise. Using Magneplanar SMGa's you always get a large sound stage but the focus is now very good. One aspect of the fuses that you should experiment with is directionality. It is certainly noticable with one being noticably forward and the other more relaxed. According to opinion on the web they take about 200 hours to burn. If you are tight on money then the AMRs are a good option but if you can afford these you will not be disappointed. Good enough for me to order a couple of the Reds.

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