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  • Advanced power supply design
  • 5V | 9V | 12V versions
  • DC plug adapters supplied
  • 5V + 9V + 12V in stock  

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The central characteristic of iFi is in pursuit of the zenith in audio performance: it leaves no stone un turned. The all new iPOWER is an example of this. Despite the fact that the iFi Ultra-Low Noise AC/DC adapter was exceptionally quiet and elevated the iUSB and iPhono to punch way beyond their respective categories, the all new iPower is even quieter, up to 10x quieter in fact.

Advanced DC power design – the best has just been bettered. 


Three years ago, iFi’s Ultra-Low Noise AC/DC power adapter set the way and underpinned the whole iFi range from the iUSB to the iPhono leading to their loyal following.

Well, not to rest on its laurels, iFi now has a completely new ‘ground-up’ DC powered supply.

What audio noise floor?


Measured on the Audio Precision 2, the iPower has an astonishingly low audio band noise floor of just 1uV! To put this into context, iFi’s very own Ultra-Low Noise AC/DC adapter was in a class of its own at 10uV. Compared to a typical audiophile Linear Power Supply which measured at 20uV, it is demonstrably clear AMR/iFi power supply technology is unparalleled.


12-Element Output Array


Shaping the face of technology, AMR/iFi not only pushes the boundaries of audio design, but power design too. After all, electricity is the “fuel” behind the audio signal.

The 12-Element Output Array dynamically suppresses noise in real-time as it makes its way through the mains. Technology like this is quite simply unheard of in audio power design.

Can be used globally; world-wide suitability


AMR/iFi understands and appreciates that today, being portable and user-friendly is paramount. So the iPower is light, convenient and above all, easy to travel with and work in any country in the world. It comes in 5V, 9V and 12V versions for all manners of DC powered devices and a set of interchangeable pins to span the globe: for USA/UK/EU/AUS electrical outlets. Performance and portability personified.

In summary, all the technology behind the iPower would count for little if it was not audible. Well, it is both. With the all-new iPower, the noise floor is virtually inaudible and the all-important level of refinement (whether listening to an analogue or digital source) has been amplified several notches.

Best of all, all existing iFi-powered devices all benefit, and in the different DC-power versions, the iPower now compliments non-iFi DC-powered products too. So all can enjoy the “sound of iFi.”

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By (London, United Kingdom) on  11 Nov. 2016 (iFI Audio iPower) :

Excellent for Cisco Switch Power Supply

Before moving to more costly linear power supplies for the components of my LAN, I decided to try the 12V version of the ifI iPower for my Sooloos system. I replaced the Cisco wall-wart and was really very impressed by how much this power supply improved the sound; the sound was far smoother and much more natural. It was as if a previous layer of undetected harshness had been removed.
Very impressed, but realise this si a stop gap to linear power supplies....to be continued.

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By (Wheatley, United Kingdom) on  11 Nov. 2016 (iFI Audio iPower) :

Great Netgear LAN Switch SMPs Replacement

I bought the iFi iPower to replace a Netgear GS105 SMPS with the objective of reducing noise on my LAN.
First impression is it has bought more clarity & detail. It has a more natural feel particularly with voice & acoustic instruments. Its tidied up the sound & its a keeper.
I also measured the units voltage & found it very stable with practically no change in output when under load compared to the Netgear SMPS, that says to me its a much better unit.

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By (Buzau, Romania) on  11 Nov. 2016 (iFI Audio iPower) :

Excellent product!

I'm using it to power a Raspberry Pi2 + HiFiBerry Digi+, a RuneAudio based network audio player. The amplifier was SMSL Q5 Pro Digital Amp and "Indiana Line" speakers. OMG, the sound was incredible. I even impressed a friend of mine with a more than 100 times more expensive setup. I only have one suggestion to the manufacturer: would be very usefull a DC to micro-USB power adapter. I had to manufacture myself one of this to work with Raspberry Pi.

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